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IBM laptop battery is a high quality rechargeable replacement laptop battery which can 100% compatible with the OEM IBM laptop battery which Only the highest quality cells are used in our laptop batteries , we will offer the Fastest Delivery, 30 Days Money Back,one Year Extended Warranty for you,you can Email Us if you have some question about IBM laptop battery.
  • IBM laptop battery Life Tips
  • Does "limited charge cycles" have you worrying about replacing batteries often? Lithium Ion batteries have anywhere from 300-600 charge cycles which is 2-4 years of use for the average user.
    To get maximum use out of your lithium ion laptop battery there are a few things to keep in mind.
    .Make sure the power saving features are enabled when using the laptop on booktype bookshangpin batteries power. These features may be disabled manually for many laptops if you absolutely need the maximum speed setting for a task, don't forget to turn power saving back on.
    .If you are not going to use the bookname pack for a long period of time then try to store it in a cool dry place at about a 40% charge level. Do not freeze!
    . When using the battery, try to charge it as often as possible as soon as you can.
    . Don't forget your booktype bookshangpin laptop or battery in your vehicle on a hot summer day.
    You should consider buying a spare pack only if you find yourself running out of IBM laptop battery power often, don't buy one to have "just in case". Lithium Ion packs start to age as soon as they're produced and can irreversibly lose around 20% capacity per year even when unused. (note storage tip above to minimize this)
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